Spend your wellness holiday between walks and cooking class in the heart of Tuscany!​

We invite you to join this relaxing yoga & trekking retreat in beautiful Tuscany. The walks are good for the heart and mood, especially if done with awareness aimed at connecting with nature. Together with the power of yoga, we will help you personalize your practice and following your needs & goals. You will leave this retreat with a rich knowledge, allowing you to continue your wellness routine on your own afterwards.

You’ll learn to make a range of traditional Italian dishes, including fresh pasta, secret pasta sauces, pizza, and desserts. We’ll share family recipes, tips, and techniques for you to take home and enjoy with your friends and family….all this in splendid Valdorcia, the heart of Tuscany!

Cooking Class

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4 Days: The Root to One’s Self- Yoga & Trekking Retreat in Tuscany

We will walk around the Pietraporciana Nature Reserve, amidst mystical beech trees and spectacular
panoramas of Valdorcia. We will take real “baths” in the forest, where you’ll gain a deep feeling of well-being of your soul and a sense of total regeneration. Uncover a new level of mindful yoga and being present!

Daily Experiences

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5 Days: Discover Tuscan Cuisine, a Special Cooking Holiday with Yoga 

We are what we eat and the energy of food makes us what we are, therefore it’s important learn to prepare a healthy diet. You’ll learn to cook with authentic & fresh raw ingredients, from cooks who prepare food with love.

Daily trekking
Daily yoga classes
Full nature immersion
Opportunity to discover the region

Experienced yoga instructors
6 nights accommodation
Daily vegetarian meals

Here's What Our Clients Are Saying....

Anna is a yoga master! She takes the time to teach breathing and poses, correct you as you need it, and pushes you to new challenging positions. Her patience with my learning curve was wonderful. I felt absolutely whole and energized after my yoga time with her. Also important to note: she's bilingual in Italiano & English! I can't wait to participate in her yoga retreats!
I enjoyed a lot my lessons with Anna ! The classes really deeply challenge your practice. It is intense, profound. You can truly feel the connexion with the teacher and her full presence and attention. I highly recommend and would come back whenever I can
If you're thinking of visiting Tuscany, Italy, I can recommend this link. Bronte and I stayed here in September. The experience was amazin, the sunsets spectacular and Siena was so beautiful to explore. Anna Maria Zullo was a wonderful host. She taught us yoga and how to cook authentic Italian cuisine. It was a holiday I will never forget and memories I will reflect on as a very positive, life changing experience.